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If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It

LTSBAHAMASCOM is a one-stop shop for all your Web Development needs. Our design team work alongside the project’s lead designer and front end content developer to strike the perfect balance. Thus, developing compelling, professional Websites that help achieve the unique digital goals of your business; 

To support your Website after launch, we offer comprehensive managed hosting services, helpdesk support, maintenance retainer options, email management, Social Media marketing and Website technical support and training.


Logo and Graphic Design

Short for logotype, historically, a logo is a single piece of pre-cast type printers used to “slug” or identify a particular advertiser in a newspaper, magazine or brochure. While printing technology has changed mightily in the last century, the power of a logo remains. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur a startup, or a business, we have solutions that can help you get off the ground, continue your growth, or maintain your competitive edge. Assisting businesses with their logo and branding, as well as trade show booths and signage; no matter the size or scope of your project, we work with you to create Customized Logos. 

Our design team creates business logos with only one thing in mind – 100% client satisfaction. 

Rebranding your business? Both ventures require a fresh look, which starts with your logo; your logo should embody your brand identity. Let us help you create an exceptional logo call our graphics team today.


Professional Email Addresses

Make an expression with every one you send

Electronic mail is widely used today as a fast medium of communication that operates through internet and computer networks. It is a necessity for any business today in order to communicate effectively with the modern market.

With a Professional Email account, you get the email functionality you need. It's a custom email address that reinforces your brand, enhances your professional image and makes it easy for clients and prospects to remember and pass along. 

This instant online credibility creates a positive first impression, which is critical online. With Professional Email, you can make sure every email sends a professional message - something free email providers like Yahoo!®, Gmail™ and Hotmail® aren't likely to convey.

Plus, you get all the great features you need to manage your day-to-day communication and schedule. Folders allow you to quickly organize your email by simply dragging and dropping your messages into the folders you create. Calendar, task lists and address book are conveniently integrated right into your Professional Email webmail interface or office 365. 

 All email accounts hosted on LTSBAHAMAS.COM are fast, secure, advertisement-free, and are fully compatible with popular email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail Client.