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Abigail F., Vice President & Director, Business Development

Abigail started at LTSBAHAMAS.COM in September 2002 and is the Company Vice President and Director of Business Development. Her roles include project management; building client. 

relationships and guiding clients through the design and development processes. 

She has over 20 years of industry experience; she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Accounting and Graphic Design with a minor in Public Relations from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


Christopher K., Development Manager / IT Consultant

Christopher has been a Partner, Developer and Designer since joining the company in 2003. 

As Development Manager, Christopher brings more than 18+ years of experience and manages the development team by organizing and prioritizing projects, assigning daily tasks and delegating task workloads. 

 He interfaces with our clientele as a project coordinator guiding them with their technology and staffing requirements, deadlines, project status, project scope, content needs, and quality standards. 

Christopher is an IBM Certified Specialist he provides consultancy of all type of hardware and software including system analysis and design.


Shannon G., IT Consultant/ Helpdesk Support & Front End Developer


Shannon is IT and Chief Consultant for Desktop Applications.  He is Adobe Certified  and WordPress Web developer specializes in the use of HTML/CSS and Responsive coding,  His attention to detail and clean coding practices compliment the skills of the rest of our development team, allowing for flexible and adaptable designs. 

Expert in business analysis for organizational Information Technology Infrastructure; working in IT Industry since 2004.